What We Do

Phallacies Inc provides leadership development, health education, and violence prevention for men via innovative educational theater. We engage men in critical conversations and direct action to challenge acceptance of the unhealthy aspects of traditional masculinity and support expression of multiple masculinities. Using dialogue and theater, we expand definitions of masculinity, create healthier men and healthier communities. Check us out.

What Our Audiences Are Saying

It was humorous and honest!

Mix of humor and actual social commentary.

Lots of important issues covered.

It was so honest and moving.

I loved the letter writing to the father. Very moving. I cried, many others did too.

The hug bit at the end was simply brilliant.

It lays out hard, true things in an accessible way.

I liked hearing an honest male perspective. It is nice to hear guys talking about emotions and taking themselves seriously.

So great to see men speaking their truths.

The message is true and critical. It needs to be heard.

Great performance! Can’t wait for the next one!

phallacies philly image